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Source code for MSDN Article:

Update 12/8/2014 JayData has released version 1.3.7 which now supports Express v4.

Live demo:
(username: admin, password: admin)

Tech Stack
  • Kendo UI Professional
  • Kendo UI Dataviz
  • JayData JSDL (client-side)
  • JayData OData Server for Node.JS
  • Azure Website (Node.JS)
  • Azure MongoLabs PaaS / MongoDb - Preview Mode
  • NTVS (Node Tools for Visual Studio) Beta 2
  • MEAN stack (MongoDb, Express, AngularJS, Node.JS)
  • Bootstrap v3+
  • Visual Studio 2013 with Update 3
  • LinqPad (testing OData queries on Node.JS)
  • Git Node.JS Continuous Integration & Deployment to Azure Website from CodePlex Git Repository
  • TypeScript (for VS2013 Intellisense, not part of implementation)

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